Carpet (gearbox)

Carpet for the gearbox tunnel. There are 2 lift-the-dot fasteners along each side, and the edges sit on top of the floor carpets. This allows it to be lifted easily for access to the gearbox dipstick and also the speedometer cable connection.

The rear edge is bound with leather as seen above.

There is a leather gaiter for the gear-stick.

The above view is of the underside showing a reinforcement of leather around the openings for the gear-stick and the hand-brake handle.

This underside view shows the additional material sewn under this carpet for added strength (since this carpet will be lifted/removed during routine maintenance). Presumably, the added material is hessian? You can make out the outline of stitching on the top of the carpet in the first 2 photos on this page above.

The rear end has to form a tapered, almost conical shape around the gearbox tunnel. Therefore, 2 slits are cut, and are sewn together.



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