Main Floor Carpet

Here is an underside view showing the dart (triangular piece) sewn in. The black patches are bitumen used to help stick the carpet to the floor.

A close up of the join between main carpet and dart (carpet upside-down). The stitching is approximately 8mm (5/16") for the edges of the carpeting.

Here is a close up of the 'sharp' end of the dart sewn into the right-hand main floor carpet. Its end is actually blunt, although the slit in the main carpet comes to a sharp point before stitching.

Here is the underside view of the same area again showing the stitching following an almost square path around the end of the slit. The squared off end of the dart is about 34mm (1 3/8") wide. The width between the seams at the blunt end is about 17mm (5/8") - although it is actually one continuous seam. Remember that the width at the end of the slit in the main carpet is zero.



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