Carpet (door pocket R/H)

Each door pocket has 3 sections of carpeting to line it, largely held in with bitumen as an adhesive. The photo above shows the front and back views of the carpet that fits into the front end of the door pocket (right-hand door).

The above photo is of the side carpet for the right-hand door pocket. The upper edge of it curves over to form the 'roof' of the door pocket. However, the top only extends as far as the wooden frame member on the door, and thus leaves a gap between the edge of the carpet and the leather trim panel. A single tack helps to hold this carpet near its top corner, onto the wooden gusset on the door frame.

The photo above is of the carpet that fits onto the floor of the left-hand door pocket. The rear part (slightly different colour in this faded example) folds up to form the rear end of the pocket, where it is fixed in with 2 tacks (the holes are visible).

The edges of the door pocket opening are covered with leathercloth. One of these pieces is shown below (unfortunately my other pieces are too curled up and distorted to take useful photos of). This piece is from the front edge of the left-hand door pocket opening:

The inset image is a close up of the pattern stamped into this material. The tiny depressions show up because of dirt caught in them.



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