Carpet (front floor)

Here you see the tatty remnants of a front floor carpet! It is from the left-hand side for a right-hand drive car. There were originally 4 lift-the-dot fasteners, but only one still to be seen here. The cut-out on the left is to clear the leg of the plywood bulkhead. The reason for the curvy outline of that cut-out is that the carpeting for the side of the scuttle area, curves around as it meets the bulkhead. This floor carpet overlaps the surrounding carpets with the exception of the gearbox carpet.

The driver's side version has slots cut for the clutch and brake pedals and also features a rubber mat. There is also a hole for the floor mounted dipper-switch. The (even tattier!) remains of the right-hand version is illustated below in situ on the floor. 3 lift-the-dot fasteners can be seen. The one on the left is from the gearbox carpet, and thus there was just a hole for it on this front floor carpet (which tucks under the gearbox carpet.



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