I'm afraid these images are not all that clear, but may be of some help. They show the bulkhead side carpets being held roughly in position. The above photo shows the right-hand side. This carpet should be tacked to the door surround (vertical pillar and then up the screen pillar). The carpet then curves gently around to the plywood bulkhead to which it is also tacked. At the top, it is simply tacked to the flat surface of the bulkhead (painted black in these photos). Towards the bottom, the carpet is wrapped around the inner edge of the plywood, being tacked to that edge. An additional flap of leathercloth is sewn to this area, both to bind the carpet edge, and also to stick down behind the plywood - probably using bitumen.

The photo below shows the left-hand version, with adjacent carpets also in place. Note that the vertical pillar of the wood frame is missing in this photo. The front floor carpet is fixed down with lift-the-dot fasteners as indicated by the red arrows in the photo. This floor carpet overlaps all the surrounding bulkhead carpets and the main floor carpet, but not the gearbox carpet which fastens on top with another 2 lift-the-dot fasteners on each side. The front floor carpet has a curvy outline to its left-hand edge, as it follows the path of the loose fitting bulkhead side carpet. The side carpet fits in a similar way to the right-hand version, but differs slightly because the bulkhead leg is wider on the left side. In this photo, you can also see the left-hand bottom bulkhead carpet, which has pairs of small holes for bolts for the fuel filter and ignition coil (plus the fuel pump bolts out of view).

In the above shot, I've clamped the carpet onto the bulkead and have also refitted the wood pillar to the left and the door-step panel. This makes the final fitted appearance a little clearer. The red arrows show the 4 lift-the-dot fastener studs for the front carpet section. You can also see an additional stud to the right which is for the gearbox carpet.



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