Rubber Components

for AC's post-war 2 Litre Saloon
Part 2
boot, bulkhead, doors
grommets, rear-axle

Boot Rubbers

The above sponge rubber seal acts as a gutter, directing rain water down into a larger rubber gutter. It is secured by a brass half-round channel (also illustrated) inserted into the channel of the rubber. The brass section is filled with solder embedded with panel-pins. The inner side of the rubber is supported by aluminium strips.

The above gutter is fitted inside the boot, just below the boot lid aperture. It overlaps the boot floor mat, and each end passes through a square hole on the boot side panels. It may be worth making improvements to this system of drainage to reduce rusting of the inner wings?

The above sponge rubber sheet, fits onto the bottom edge of the boot lid.

I think my original boot floor mat may have shrunk, and so I have extended its dimensions for a closer fit within the space available. The two cut-outs at the front corners, are for the damper access panels found on early cars (up to chassis EL1306).

These little square sponge rubber pads, are fitted to the boot sides to cushion the tools that are clipped to the plywood panels. They are also fitted to the damper access panels, on early cars.

Pedal and Steering Column Seals

The accelerator and steering column seals are fitted to the aluminium bulkhead. Their approximate shape is evident from the aluminium plates that clamp them in place. The clutch and brake pedal seals (fitted to the floor panels) are smaller in area than their respective clamping plates.

Door Seals


The original grommets fitted (for wiring loom, etc.) are of a different pattern to the modern equivalents. The small grommets are also used on the brake and clutch pedals.

Grommet for front silencer

There are 2 mounting grommets for the front silencer, 1 fitted to the front/right arm of the chassis X-member (upper flange) and 1 fitted to the rear/right arm (lower flange).

Bump Stop (rear axle)

The rear axle bump stops are riveted to the sides (inside) of the axle hoops.

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