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Spring 2010

Work on the wood frame resumed in spring 2010, and now (May) the boot frame repairs are complete. Rot in parts of the rear cross-member were deep due to the two rain drainage holes. I built up one region in two stages to increase its strength before removing even more wood prior to completing the repair. I've also renewed some of the rounded corner pieces for the boot-lid opening and spare wheel door opening.

The above photo shows the left-hand end of the rear cross-member complete with door-stop in place. The rebate under the door-stop clears the edge of the steel floor panel for the spare wheel compartment.

August 2010

The sudden death of my mother (who I looked after in her old age) on the 19th July, has meant a pause in the AC restoration for a few weeks. I have too many other things to do, and don't feel like working on the AC at this sad time. Finances are also tighter now, so I'm postponing the purchase of more parts and materials for the AC.

Mum was instrumental in our family's acquisition of the AC back in 1962, as Dad was not keen on having a large car. However, Mum loved the styling, the distinctive light green colour, and the music of the silky-smooth engine.

July 2011

The restoration resumed again in June 2011. I continued with the left-hand window rail area. Rot had set in between the two layers of wood plus woodworm having eaten into the top of the hinge pillar. Then I found that the rascally woodworm had also gone 3 inches down into the rear corner joint of this side window. So, 75 hours work later, this set of repairs have been completed and a test fit of the side windows done.

I have also extracted the old plywood rear shelf (see photo below) and am working on its replacement.

November 2011

The 2011 season closes with the rear half of the wood frame finished, except that the boot side panels will not be glued into place until a later stage. Their removal allows easy access to the rear of the chassis and the axle. I have renewed the rear shelf panel, reinforced some of the nailed joints and renewed a little of the surrounding framework. Then numerous tiny repairs to the rear window and also packing pieces to plug the many gaps left by AC in the original build.

After a lot of sanding, I painted most of the rear framework to protect it from further woodworm attack. I used a pale colour because it brightens up all the confined spaces and makes it easier to work on and see what one is doing.

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