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Woodworm to the rescue!

Fast-forward to year 2006, and the almost forgotten EL1192 found itself under attack. The dreaded wood-worm had moved in. The plywood sections of the frame, are susceptible to attack, and once the little beetles get inside, they can destroy the inards without greatly affecting the external appearance. The original bulkhead - previously removed from the car - was destroyed. Then they were getting to work on the boot side panels, boot trim panels, front and rear shelves plus the doors. Something had to be done fast! A huge garage clear-out operation, and repeated use of wood-worm killer. Dangerous stuff, if you use an aerosol, which can spray back at you. Always wear goggles and gloves, and preferably face protection too. I then applied clear varnish to the worst areas, since the beetles don't lay their eggs on varnished or painted surfaces.

To keep the wood frame protected, I needed to restore it and paint it. Cue a renewed interest in working on the car again. Home computer technology has moved a long way in 9 years, and I am looking into producing new improved scale drawings on a CAD programme. I try to avoid making the same mistakes twice, so if/when I get these done, they will be supplied commercially. No give-away prices this time I'm afraid :) Working conditions, for restoration, are now much better for me, and the internet has helped to bring more data and parts supplies to hand.

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