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9th November 2016: Doors and inner panels

A late start to this year's restoration efforts, but I have dealt with the spare wheel door, passenger door, window mechanisms and made a start on the steel inner body panels.

As hoped, the passenger door only had minor woodworm damage and surprisingly little rot. The window-winder mechanisms were almost like new, with their original paint intact.

For the inner panels at the rear of the car, I had decided to remove the paint I applied back in 1985, and use the more protective epoxy mastic and 2-part polyurethane. I changed to using the Jotun brand and was extremely pleased with the less expensive version of their epoxy, Jotamastic 80. This goes on less thickly than other versions. Their polyurethane paint was harder to apply and leaves very bad brush marks. In those areas needing a nice finish, I rubbed it down with fine abrasive and then used a T-Cut polish to get a shine. For other areas that need a good finish, I will revert to the International Paints PU top coat. It is horrendously expensive, but sometimes you get what you pay for!

I slightly altered the inner wings to eliminate water/mud traps and improve drainage.

6th May 2017: Black paint.

I resumed the restoration in April, beginning by repainting the central part of the chassis. Garage space limitations mean that I have to repaint one area at a time without stripping the entire chassis. Further to my comments above about Jotun's polyurethane paint finish, I tried out the thinners produced by the retailer SML Marine Paints. It did help to make it easier to apply, but the finish is still not in the same league as International Paints' version. Fortunately, the finish doesn't matter for most of this paintwork, since this will not be a show/concours car.

Currently, I'm preparing the floor panels and some brackets for repainting, before tackling the fuel tank.

10th September 2017: Fuel tank, floor, chassis, and axle.

The fuel tank turned out to be in pretty good condition, thanks to the coating of solder that protects it. I gave it a clean out and phosphoric acid treatment with POR15 products (no sealant, though). Then I tackled the floor panels, mostly a repainting job, plus a plywood partition for the boot.

Then I repainted the front end of the chassis, which completes work on the chassis frame. Rather more interesting is my current project: Front axle. New kingpin bushes pressed in and very carefully honed. They need to be a precision fit. I crack-tested the stub axles and hubs, with success.

Apart from painting all the bits, I'm currently servicing the leaf-springs. These are most interesting items, featuring the same slipper type shackles also seen on some prewar SS (Jaguar) saloons. The slippers themselves appear to be made from graphite and are liberally lubricated with graphite grease. There was no measureable wear. The spring leaves were desperately in need of cleaning and re-greasing! Not much rust, but hardly any liquid lubricant to be found.

Spring slipper with side-plate removed.

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